Helping When & Where It’s Needed Most

Our Causes

We have identified four areas where we can make a meaningful difference in the world and in the lives of others. Join us in supporting these critical causes by donating to a category and we will make your gift to our partner or partners in that category.

Feeding Children & Fighting Food Insecurity

Food insecurity affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Even in America 1 in 7 people struggle to put food on their table, with families with children being the most likely to experience hunger. The Zwagil Foundation is dedicated to making sure that children and families never go hungry.


Fighting Human Trafficking

We are committed to ending human trafficking and empowering survivors to regain their dignity on a path to a full, vibrant life. Every year millions of vulnerable people, mostly women and children, are exploited and trafficked. Join us and our Partners in this critical life or death fight against the horrors of human trafficking.


Supporting Veterans

Fighting for those who fought for us. Veterans often face significant challenges following their service and as they transition to civilian life. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our Veterans for their service and are honored to partner with like-minded organizations that support the needs and enrich the lives of those brave heroes and their families.


Protecting The Environment

Protecting our world for a better today and for a brighter future for our children. Join us in supporting organizations that are leading the way in creating lasting solutions to some of the biggest environmental challenges and in supporting local farmers in the proliferation of sustainable and organic growing practices to protect the independence of these important growers while safeguarding our food system.


Hurricane Ian Relief

Zwagil Foundation Emergency Relief is stepping up once again and we need your help to support the families and children of Southwest Florida. We are partnering with Better Together, a local organization, to provide critical support and supplies to the most severely affected families.